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Introduce Yourself To Cross Country Mountain Biking

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If you’re a free rider or downhill biker by heart, there’s one way to take your biking to the next level.  To the top of the mountain, in fact.  Ride there!  Cross country mountain biking is the true life blood of the sport, and if you’re looking for a real challenge, it’s got everything you need.

True cross country riders are without doubt a different breed, and so are their bikes.  Cross country bikes are built for speed – every innovation is designed to making this style of bike as fast as possible.

Cross country bikes have traditionally been hardtail mountain bikes.  The absence of the rear suspension was always a major point in keeping the bikes as light as possible.  Recently however, more cross country bikes are being fitted with full suspension without sacrificing weight, and have become popular as a result.

The major difference in a cross country bike from a free ride bike is their weight.  While free ride bikes generally clock in at around 40 pounds, the majority of cross country bikes weight less than 24 pounds – a huge difference.

If you’re inspired to take up cross country mountain biking, be prepared – it’s not for the faint hearted.  The terrain you’ll cover is hardly suited for beginners – you’ll be taking on steep hills and rough terrain, requiring a great deal of skill and expertise.  If you’re up to it though, you’ll experience quite a thrill.

So if your current mountain biking has become a bit – dare I say it – boring, why not take a look at cross country mountain biking?  You’ll get a great deal of enjoyment as you take your biking to a new level – you can discover a new range of bikes, new riding trails, and a whole new style of riding.  It could be just the ticket to fire up your riding spirit once again!

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